Thursday, July 20, 2006

013. Rain, Rain, Go Away

A big ol' tropial rainstorm is headed toward Boston. I hope it strikes tonight so tomorrow will be clear and beautiful for the beach. If not, it won't be too bad either. Rich is meeting me in the city, and if the weather is bad, we'll just come back here for thunderstorm sex movies and popcorn until the afternoon. Then Leslie is coming over and I'm taking her to see a laser show, and it will be awesome. Work was long today, but not too bad. I watched part of "The Elegant Universe" during my break, and I think I grew a few braincells. After my break, though, I had the most horrid guests. The little old lady was adorable, if talkative and senile, but the mother and daughter were two true pains-in-the-ass. They couldn't make a decision. Finally, they bought some of the expensive pieces, and man, do I wish I got commision on the jewelry I sell. Especially after that spectacle. I want to look at this. Can you change the chain on this? How much is that? Can we look at it? Oh that's too expensive, but I want to see it again. What do you think, daughter? My writing is less than eloquent tonight, so I am going to bed.

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