Tuesday, July 18, 2006

009. Screech...squick....boom!

Callie and I were fixing the A.C. in the window when screech...screech...squick!...CRASH. It fell out of the window. Jay and Callie had just moved it downstairs that afternoon from where it was collecting dust in my room. When I saw, and I saw how they covered the hole in the window with cardboard, I said, "Oh! I have those little side-things upstairs!" I ran up and got them, and Callie and I got to work fitting them on the A.C. Things were going perfectly until we decided to shift it back into the window. It was horrifying, like a kitten being beaten to death. My elbow and knee bashed into the wall as I tried to grab for it--Thank God I didn't go out the window with the machine! The plug yanked completly out of the unit, leaving a live wire that almost electrocuted us in the puddle we were standing in. Callie and I ran outside to see the damage--the unit was less than two feet away from a car it could have hit! It was not going back in our window. The two of us dragged it to the garbage and trudged upstairs, where even more excitement happened. The life wire shorted our electricity, so Jay was trying to figure out how to fix all that. Finally, his friend Erin got us set up and we have power again. Meanwhile, Steph starts in on how me and Callie are going to get her a new A.C. Oh, no. :( Of course, we're going to get her a new one. But I dont want to hear her bitch about it for the next two months while she's here ( 1. She got the AC free. 2. It was collecting dust in my room. 3. It would have continued to collect dust in my room if I didn't suggest we move it to the living room. 4. She will try to sucj as much money out of Callie and me as she can. ). I hope she goes easy on us. We're looking for stuff in the ads now, but she has got to understand that Callie and I have just as little money as she does, and we'll have to save up. I feel just terrible. And my knee still hurts. I called my dad for his fatherly advice. First, he laughed at me a little, then he offered to pay for the new unit. I refused, but it makes me feel so lucky to know I have a dad like that, who has my back no matter what.

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