Monday, July 17, 2006

008. Scandal-Free Week?

Kurt drove me home from work today. It was sweet. I like Kurt (in a completely non sexual way); he's a big bear of a guy with a great sense of humor. Hes one of the few kids I like at work. Shannon and I went to the pool today at the gym. That was an exciting experience--Ive never been to the pool before. I had to buy a swim cap, and I felt like an alien in it. Haha. But I still remembered how to do the breast stroke, and swimming was really nice. We walked home, and I bought bubble bath at the grovery store. Most of the house is out tonight. They went to Asian Dan's for a little party. I decided to stay in and eat a grilled cheese sandwich, because I have work tomorrow, and I am alcohol-celibate for another week. We had our own party this weekend. It turned into a great 80's dance party. All us girls sang and danced, and it was loads of fun. More work tomorrow. Perhaps this will be a scandal-free week.

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