Sunday, July 16, 2006

007. Penny on the Train Tracks

I think the most ironic thing about my third weekend error is that I didn't really suspect sabotage until after I confronted Lauren. Lauren is a sweet girl—slightly psychopathic, but a sweet girl. Last Sunday, when the house was drinking, Aaron and his friend Michael came over. We had gone to dinner earlier that evening, and Michael just hit it off with everyone. He's funny, intelligent and extremely hot. I started flirting before I had my first shot. Sometime around shot #5, Lauren comes home and exclaims: "I NEED ALCOHOL!" She's had a crazy evening too, and just needs to unwind. I'm leaning flirtasiouslyon Michael, Aaron is sitting across from us, and Callie is on the other end of the couch. Lauren plops down by us, starts flirting with Michael, and brings up my previous weekend adventures. "Oh! Do they know??!!" Yes, they did—Aaron had been a witness, and I had been bemoaning the situation all night. But I left out certain details, Lauren, and I am really drunk, and this is not dinnertime conversation. "Yeah, yeah, it's okay," I said, thinking I can still save face. Lauren launches into a gushing frenzy about the lesbian sex. I change the topic as quickly as I can, and Lauren eventually leaves, deciding that one shot was enough. Yes, folks, Lauren was sober. Aaron leaves, giving me a wink and a nudge and a hint that Michael was into me, Callie Michael and me end up on the roof, Callie leaves, Michael and I chat, we head downstairs, I help him set up the sofabed, we go to sleep…in our separate rooms. The next day, I confronted Lauren and told her how not cool bringing up my infidelity was. She says, "But you said it was okay!" I was drunk, Lauren. Reaaaallly drunk. We all were. Except you. She goes on about how she thought we were only on our first shots, blah blah blah, "Leighann, it really sounds like you are accusing me," blah blah. Actually, I just thought Lauren lacked tact and had a severe case of verbal diarrhea. I did not think she sabotaged me until she jumped down my throat about accusing her. I talked to Callie later that day and she agreed: Lauren did that on purpose. It was painfully obvious how much I was crushing over Michael, and she put a penny on the train tracks. But it's okay. I'm still talking to him. He's really cute.

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