Thursday, July 13, 2006

004. Laundry Room Sex

I have a date today with the woman I cheated with on my not-quite-boyfriend. That makes me sound like a horrible person, but let me explain. Last Saturday, at Amy's party, I met a girl named Samantha, and we hit it off. She's gorgeous, and we started dancing, which led to kissing, which led to disappearing into the laundry room for fantastic sex. I was horribly drunk, but I really liked her, and we changed numbers. A bit later I am on the fire escape with my housemate when Amy sticks her head out the window: "Leighann! I am so glad you are being mature about this! I can't believe Emily did that! She is being so immature!" I was confused. Amy explains that Emily has been telling everyone at the party what a bitch I am for taking her boyfriend, and she called him and gave him a play-by-play of my and Samantha's little scene. Uh-oh. That was two-for-three that weekend, and the next day I had to call the not-quite-boyfriend and explain myself. Rich was surprisenly okay with it, and I think that's what confused me the most. He said he wasn't sure if he was allowed to be upset, because we never really defined what we were. He was frustrated and upset, but he wasn't angry. I wanted him to be angry. I really wanted him to be angry. I wanted him to scream at me and yell--I cheated on him. I betrayed him. Would it have been any different if it was a guy? Rich said no, but I don't believe that. I think any attraction I had for Rich disappeared that evening. We decided that "We're friends, who make out...a lot." He told me he wasn't emotionally ready for sex with me yet, he wanted to get to know me better. Then we had sex anyway. I'm going to end it soon, though. And I feel kind of sad about that.

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