Thursday, July 13, 2006

003. Three-For-Three

Women are far better at kissing than men. Men kiss fine enough, but women enjoy it. Women think, "What would I like?" and then do that. Men think, "Ooh, boobies, yay!" Of course, some people may argue otherwise, and they are more than welcome to, but the best kisses I have ever experienced have all been from women. I went to a party last Friday, drank far too much and had the time of my life. This was the first error in my three-for-three weekend. One of my roommates actually found out about the party through facebook, and after a good hour of "pre-gaming," we stumbled through Boston to the apartment where the party was. The night started out slow, and a few of our housemates left, complaining about the lack of men. I think at that point, I announced, "It's okay, there are plenty of women!" I met a girl named Amy and we danced for hours—she ended up inviting us to her place the next night for another party. She left, and I danced with other men and women until I found my friends again and we lounged outside on the porch. I thought aloud how much I liked Amy, and I think that's when I came out to my housemates. "Oh, by the way," I said, "I'm bi." One girl: "Oh, really? That's cool. How long have you known?" "Um, since seventh grade." Guy: "I never would have thought that." "The short hair didn't give it away?" Girl: "No, hehe!" We had stolen Tequila shots a little while later, and wandered home. It was a good night.

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