Monday, July 31, 2006

025. Money, Money, Money

I feel much better about the rent issue. Checks deposited, awaiting just two more, and my landlord isn't coming until Friday. =) When the new housemates come in, I will make it clear from the start that I need the checks in my hand the week before the first, even if I don't deposit them until the last of the month. Paid Jay and Lauren for various utilities. My checkbook is looking pretty thing now. Haha. I watched Rabbit Proof Fence today on IFC. Very, very cool movie. The actress playing Molly is very good. I recommend it. Gonna relax tonight, maybe write some fiction. We shall see.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

024. Warriors, Come Out to Plaaaaay!

Last night, the apartment went to a Warriors party. We made our own gang: The Accountant Killaz. We all wore white shirts, jeans, ties and markered "AK" on the backs of our hands. We were very threatening. The party was fantastic--we could challenge any gang we wanted (the Randoms, the Day Lilies, etc) to a fight: Dance-offs, coloring contests, twister, flip-cup, thumb wrestling... I won a coloring contest because, even drunk, I can color inside the lines. W-2! It was a great theme. The Accountant Killaz won some sort of award for our mad skillz and we got water toys for playing and pummeling. I also said no to two propositions. Go me, I'm not a floozy. I still have my tattoos on the backs of my hands. Haha, that was fun to have at work today. After a hugely long day at work, Kurt drove me home, and I gave him the grand tour of the house. More Lauren drama, unfortunately. Last night I made dinner and put my dishes in the sink. She went psycho and told me to clean them before I left. Fine, I took the path of least resistance and cleaned all the dishes, leaving only the pots to soak. "Leighann...why are these pots in the sink." "Because they can't go in the dish washer and they need to soak." *draws marker tattoo on self* "Oh. Can you clean them before you leave." "...Okay." I marched into Jay's room, pitched a fit, finished my damn tattoos, and marched back out. Lauren is already cleaning the dishes, even though she is "sick," and she is slamming them down on the counter. "Can you put these away." "Of course..." Psychobitch. You know damn well that I would have been true to my word and cleaned them the next day because unlink you, I will clean because it is the right thing to do, and I won't martyr myself. There were five pots in the sink, and one of them was mine. I would have happily cleaned all of them TOMORROW WHEN I WAS SOBER. And, even if I didn't, someone else eventually would have WITHOUT COMPLAINING ABOUT "BUT IT'S NOT MY DISHES!!!!" Ugh. She makes me so angry.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

023. Booze

No update because I was drunk and in a gang. The ACCOUNTANT KILLAZ! W-2!

Friday, July 28, 2006

022. Positively Nasty

It was positively nasty outside tonight. The sky went dark, and the rain came down in sheets. It's finally subsided, and tomorrow should be nice out. The lightening storm was terrifying, though. I chilled today, did laundry, watched the 10th Kingdom with Lauren and relazed some more. It was very, very hot inside the house. The rent problem is slowly resolving itself. Once I get everyone's checks in and cool down, I am going to explain that I need the checks in advance, even if I don't deposit them for a week. It's security. And really, there shouldn't be any issue with handing me a piece of paper. Callie left me a note before she went home. She thanked me for going with her to the hospital. It was really sweet. I hope she comes back to the house soon. It's so empty without her. Party tomorrow. Rich's ex will be there. Blargh. Irresponsibly, I'm throwing caution to the wind. If she tattles on me? Well, I sabotaged myself, and she still will look like the bitch. Besides, Rich knows I'm "just having fun."

021. After Laundry

I'm gonna get fucked over for rent, hurrah! Excuse me while I go beat up my housemates. Instead of covering for one housemate, I am now covering for three. I don't have that kind of money in my account. Me? Angry? Just a little. I will destroy them all. After I do my laundry.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

020. A Leighann-Day

I woke up at six this morning to get to work. The Body World exhibit came in today. I thought I had a strong stomach, but seeing all those was really unsettling. I wanted to throw up, but I couldn't. At the same time, it is utterly fascinating. I worked on setting up the gift shop. That was an adventure. The BW lady is a psychopath, but we all ahd to smile and nod, and when she is gone, we'll make the store look a lot better. Leslie flaked out on going to the mall today. She felt sick, so I hope she feels better. I decided to go anyway, and I treated myself to a great pair of red ballet shoes, new sneaks, two shirts, and dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I enjoyed my evening, and when I came home, there was alcohol to be had! was a little lame. There was only four of us. Jay's girlfriend went to bed, and no one else was home. We played beer pong, then Lauren came home, gave us the death stare, complained about our music, glared at us some more, huffed, and disappeared into her room. We tried to be quiet, and eventually we went up to the roof and hung out, mostly gossiping and whatnot. I haven't returned Rich's phone call yet, not really. Tomorrow is a Leighann-Day, and I will enjoy it.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

019. Doctor, Doctor

Callie needed to go to the hospital last night. She's fine now, drugged up on the couch. Around five in the morning, she knocks on my door and scares me out of sleep. At first, I thought she was a man, and I was mumbling something about, "What are you doing?" as I tried to cover up my panties (and a good thing I wore them last night, too). When I realized it was her, I finally heard her say, "Leighann, can you take me to the hospital?" My mind clicked there, and I put on my jeans and searched for my stuff. Callie called a cab and I sat with her on the porch. We went to the hospital, and she was the only one there for a long time. They hooked her up to an IV and did whatever doctors do in the ER (Unfortunately, there was no doctor House, nor a doctor McDreamy. There was, however, a cute intern at the front desk.). I read about how to cut down your costs at the grocery, compliments of the May issue of Women's Day. They let me go sit with her in the room, and I think I must have fallen asleep, because I woke up and ther was a doctor and he shook my hand ("Wa…I'm just the housemate…?"). He wrote Callie some prescriptions, vaguely told her to get a follow-up, and sent us both away. Politely. We got home at around 8:30, I called work and told them I wouldn't be coming in today, and then I went back to bed.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

018. On Call

Apparently, "on call" does not mean "sit by your phone, but otherwise sleep in that day." Rather, it means, "Call us about an hour or so before your shift and see if you need to come in." Oops. My boss called me and told me she needed me in that very minute. An hour and a half later (45 m train ride), I wandered in and saved the day. Work went quickly, but I wish I could have slept longer. Oh well. Not much to update. I'm going to go make hot dogs and think about the party this weekend. Yay.

Monday, July 24, 2006

017. Birth

Callie and I just watched Birth with Nicole Kidman, which is the most disturbing movie ever to be made. I just...I want to purge it from my memory. Nothing is resolved and the characters are insane and it's like, "Ahhhhhh! What is going on!" The little boy is a very good actor. Eesh, creepy. In other news, work is horribly boring and long, but at least I am making moneys. I need to call Rich back and make plans for this week. Blegh. I don't really want to do anything. Why can't he just ask, "Leighann, want to screw?" To which I will reply, "Why, yes, I do."

Sunday, July 23, 2006

016. Kicked Out, but Worth It!

You know you're never truly great friends with someone until you three-way kiss her with a gay man and then do the Walk of Shame home from her place. Oh, yes, last night was fantastic. Leslie finally came out with us, and we went to another facebook party. The entire apartment, save for Lauren, went out, First we went down the street, but we quickly realized that we were the party there and left because it was boring and Shannon found a better place. The new party was packed with kids from our college, but we didn't know any of them. I met Aaron, the chauvinist, who is really kinda cute, except that he hates women. There was Baron, who is a photo-journalist and a very nice kid. Then, there was also Jerrod, who is beautiful and gay, but has respect for the vagina. He is a man Leslie and I decided to kiss, and we ended up putting on quite a show on the balcony. I rather liked him. I went inside and danced for a long time after that with a cute Asian guy and a pretty blonde girl. I must have a thing for blonds. It was incredible. I love to dance, especially like that. I remember thinking, "It's like sex on the dance floor!" I think that's a line from a movie. Even Shannon danced with us for a while. Finally, the Asian guy asked me and the other girl if we wanted to go to his place next door. I'm proud of myself for saying, "No, I can't leave this party." We still ended up in the bathroom making out. Yeah, we got kicked out of the party for that. Whoops. I ran to the porch and called Leslie before they kicked me out, but the other two kids were sent home, and I think the blonde chick actually had a girlfriend at the party who was not pleased. Jerrod was outside, and we hung out there for a little while. It rained, so we all got soaked, until Jerrod pulled out his snazzy umbrella. Leslie had gone next door to see her friends there and I went to go see her. We decided it was time to go, as everyone else from the apartment already left, and took a cab back to her place, during which we had a very colorful conversation (in a funny, cheerful way) with the driver when Leslie exclaimed, "That was my first Black Man," referring to a boy she had made out with. Originally, we were going to come back to the apartment, but it was late, we were tired, and there were cartoons on the TV, so we gossiped and watched Inuyasha (sp?) until dawn and then went to bed. The next morning afternoon, I got dressed and took the T back here to the house. It was a good night.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

015. Whoo!

No update tonight because I am drinking! Yay!

Friday, July 21, 2006

014. Street Music

Today, after a fun date with Rich, I gave my phone number to a cute street musician. I'm a bad person who needs to figure out how to end it with Rich. I'm just not into him anymore, not if he lets me walk all over him. It's not attractive. The street musician is a boy I know from school. I've seen him around, so I scrounged around for some change and walked up to him. We chatted for a bit, I went back by the T to wait for my train. Then we keep looking at each other, and he played a Britney Spears song. It made me laugh, and he grinned, so when my train arrived, I found a scrap of paper, wrote down my number with my name and dropped it in his guitar case before I left. I wonder if he'll call. It'll be interesting, to say the least.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

013. Rain, Rain, Go Away

A big ol' tropial rainstorm is headed toward Boston. I hope it strikes tonight so tomorrow will be clear and beautiful for the beach. If not, it won't be too bad either. Rich is meeting me in the city, and if the weather is bad, we'll just come back here for thunderstorm sex movies and popcorn until the afternoon. Then Leslie is coming over and I'm taking her to see a laser show, and it will be awesome. Work was long today, but not too bad. I watched part of "The Elegant Universe" during my break, and I think I grew a few braincells. After my break, though, I had the most horrid guests. The little old lady was adorable, if talkative and senile, but the mother and daughter were two true pains-in-the-ass. They couldn't make a decision. Finally, they bought some of the expensive pieces, and man, do I wish I got commision on the jewelry I sell. Especially after that spectacle. I want to look at this. Can you change the chain on this? How much is that? Can we look at it? Oh that's too expensive, but I want to see it again. What do you think, daughter? My writing is less than eloquent tonight, so I am going to bed.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

012. T'under and Light'ning

I forgot to write about our escapade last night. Callie and I found a seller through craigslist and I called him. Over the phone, we agreed that we would pick it up that night, and he would drop the price down to $60. Or so I thought. So we sat on the porch waiting for Callie's friend from work to get off so he could drive us to this kids house in Cambridge. Then, it starts to lightening. No rain, just terrifying, purple lightening of DEATH. Callie and I stand at the corner waiting for Mike, and the lightening keeps lighting up the sky. Callie turns to me, "Leighann, I think God hates us." "He's punihsing us for making fun of Lauren behind her back." "Let's stop doing that." "Okay." The air is thick and heavy; it feels charged, like it will snap at any moment. I keep thinking about how, in case of a thunder storm, one of the safest places to be is inside a metal box or cage, like a car or train car. It makes an electro-magnetic feild that prevents the electricity in a lightening bolt from striking anyone inside, even if they touch the metal. Unfortunately, this will not protect you from a live wire. Finally, Mike pulls up and we get it. We head out on our way to this kids place, get lost, find where we are, and turn onto his street. I look for my phone so I can call him, but I can't find it. I left it on my bed. "It's okay, we'll just tell him we couldn't call because it died." We get to the place and there are not one or two doorbells, but SIX. "Which one do we choose?" "I don't know. You said he had an accent?" "Yeah, he sounded Indian." "There's a Chinese guy. Did he sound Chinese?" "Maybe..." "Let's try it." "Hi, this is Leighann. I'm here about the Air Conditioner. I might have the wrong apartment..." Fortunately, we chose the right bell, and the guy comes downstairs with the AC, which he hands over to Mike who falls backwards into a wall. "You said you were going to call first." "I'm sorry, did I interrupt sex?" "She left her phone at home. We're sorry." I count out the sixty dollars in front of him (it was a lot of singles), then he says, "Sixty? No, no, I won't go lower than seventy-five." My jaw drops. Did we not agree to lower the price? Then it clicks: He said, "Yeah, okay," awful fast. He didn't listen to me at all, or didn't understand me, and now he thinks I am trying to swindle him. So I launch into save-face girl and start, "I'm am so sorry for the misunderstanding. I thought we agreed...," while Callie scrounges up the other $15. We load the AC into Mike's car and drive home. In the rain. We also decided that after that night, Callie and I would never touch the AC ever again.

011. Gah-Nats

I left work early today. It's beautiful out, but I'm inside being sick. Yuck. When I arrived home, our garbage was surrounded by a cloud of gnats. It was disgusting. All I wanted to do was lie on the couch and die with a bottle of pepto bismal, but no. I bought some Raid from the market a couple blocks away and went at them, scrubbed the pail, put borox on the bottom, and then attacked the floors and kitchen with a bottle of bleach and a mop. When Lauren got home, she helped. After last night, Callie and I vowed to be nice to her and to stop making mean comments behind her back. She really is a pleasant girl, Lauren, when she's know. Lauren and Jay put the A.C. in the window while Callie and I did the "OMG ITS GONNA FALL WE ARE NOT INVOLVED" dance. They got it in without incident. I had a bowl of soup, and now I am going to take a nap.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

010. AC Drama

We found an AC to be picked up tonight. If you can't laugh at life, what can you do? :)

009. Screech...squick....boom!

Callie and I were fixing the A.C. in the window when screech...screech...squick!...CRASH. It fell out of the window. Jay and Callie had just moved it downstairs that afternoon from where it was collecting dust in my room. When I saw, and I saw how they covered the hole in the window with cardboard, I said, "Oh! I have those little side-things upstairs!" I ran up and got them, and Callie and I got to work fitting them on the A.C. Things were going perfectly until we decided to shift it back into the window. It was horrifying, like a kitten being beaten to death. My elbow and knee bashed into the wall as I tried to grab for it--Thank God I didn't go out the window with the machine! The plug yanked completly out of the unit, leaving a live wire that almost electrocuted us in the puddle we were standing in. Callie and I ran outside to see the damage--the unit was less than two feet away from a car it could have hit! It was not going back in our window. The two of us dragged it to the garbage and trudged upstairs, where even more excitement happened. The life wire shorted our electricity, so Jay was trying to figure out how to fix all that. Finally, his friend Erin got us set up and we have power again. Meanwhile, Steph starts in on how me and Callie are going to get her a new A.C. Oh, no. :( Of course, we're going to get her a new one. But I dont want to hear her bitch about it for the next two months while she's here ( 1. She got the AC free. 2. It was collecting dust in my room. 3. It would have continued to collect dust in my room if I didn't suggest we move it to the living room. 4. She will try to sucj as much money out of Callie and me as she can. ). I hope she goes easy on us. We're looking for stuff in the ads now, but she has got to understand that Callie and I have just as little money as she does, and we'll have to save up. I feel just terrible. And my knee still hurts. I called my dad for his fatherly advice. First, he laughed at me a little, then he offered to pay for the new unit. I refused, but it makes me feel so lucky to know I have a dad like that, who has my back no matter what.

Monday, July 17, 2006

008. Scandal-Free Week?

Kurt drove me home from work today. It was sweet. I like Kurt (in a completely non sexual way); he's a big bear of a guy with a great sense of humor. Hes one of the few kids I like at work. Shannon and I went to the pool today at the gym. That was an exciting experience--Ive never been to the pool before. I had to buy a swim cap, and I felt like an alien in it. Haha. But I still remembered how to do the breast stroke, and swimming was really nice. We walked home, and I bought bubble bath at the grovery store. Most of the house is out tonight. They went to Asian Dan's for a little party. I decided to stay in and eat a grilled cheese sandwich, because I have work tomorrow, and I am alcohol-celibate for another week. We had our own party this weekend. It turned into a great 80's dance party. All us girls sang and danced, and it was loads of fun. More work tomorrow. Perhaps this will be a scandal-free week.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

007. Penny on the Train Tracks

I think the most ironic thing about my third weekend error is that I didn't really suspect sabotage until after I confronted Lauren. Lauren is a sweet girl—slightly psychopathic, but a sweet girl. Last Sunday, when the house was drinking, Aaron and his friend Michael came over. We had gone to dinner earlier that evening, and Michael just hit it off with everyone. He's funny, intelligent and extremely hot. I started flirting before I had my first shot. Sometime around shot #5, Lauren comes home and exclaims: "I NEED ALCOHOL!" She's had a crazy evening too, and just needs to unwind. I'm leaning flirtasiouslyon Michael, Aaron is sitting across from us, and Callie is on the other end of the couch. Lauren plops down by us, starts flirting with Michael, and brings up my previous weekend adventures. "Oh! Do they know??!!" Yes, they did—Aaron had been a witness, and I had been bemoaning the situation all night. But I left out certain details, Lauren, and I am really drunk, and this is not dinnertime conversation. "Yeah, yeah, it's okay," I said, thinking I can still save face. Lauren launches into a gushing frenzy about the lesbian sex. I change the topic as quickly as I can, and Lauren eventually leaves, deciding that one shot was enough. Yes, folks, Lauren was sober. Aaron leaves, giving me a wink and a nudge and a hint that Michael was into me, Callie Michael and me end up on the roof, Callie leaves, Michael and I chat, we head downstairs, I help him set up the sofabed, we go to sleep…in our separate rooms. The next day, I confronted Lauren and told her how not cool bringing up my infidelity was. She says, "But you said it was okay!" I was drunk, Lauren. Reaaaallly drunk. We all were. Except you. She goes on about how she thought we were only on our first shots, blah blah blah, "Leighann, it really sounds like you are accusing me," blah blah. Actually, I just thought Lauren lacked tact and had a severe case of verbal diarrhea. I did not think she sabotaged me until she jumped down my throat about accusing her. I talked to Callie later that day and she agreed: Lauren did that on purpose. It was painfully obvious how much I was crushing over Michael, and she put a penny on the train tracks. But it's okay. I'm still talking to him. He's really cute.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

006. Raincheck

Yesterday, Samantha never showed up, but I'm okay with it. I waited at the train stop for about 20 minutes before I called. She said she was on her way...but she might have to give me a raincheck. There's been a medical emergency, she said. It's a long story. Okay, I said. That's fine--and it really was. I told her to go take care of herself, and then I walked home. I don't know exactly what it is, but I have a feeling it's some mental thing. When Leslie came over that night, I told her, and she noted that I should be careful--I don't want to get involved in something like that. I agree, and whatever happens, happens. Leslie and my girls' night in turned out fantastically. We watched movies, indulged in pizza and popcorn, and had a great night. The apartment is so hot, we had my pathetic little fan set up in the downstairs window. Tonight, I'll tell you all about my third weekend error: Michael.

Friday, July 14, 2006

005. One-Week Alcohol Celibacy

Ugh. My one-week alcohol celibacy ended last night at around midnight, and now my stomach feels like a bowling ball is spinning around inside it. I've never been this sick before. Stay away from the booze, kids, especially when it comes from a questionable source.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

004. Laundry Room Sex

I have a date today with the woman I cheated with on my not-quite-boyfriend. That makes me sound like a horrible person, but let me explain. Last Saturday, at Amy's party, I met a girl named Samantha, and we hit it off. She's gorgeous, and we started dancing, which led to kissing, which led to disappearing into the laundry room for fantastic sex. I was horribly drunk, but I really liked her, and we changed numbers. A bit later I am on the fire escape with my housemate when Amy sticks her head out the window: "Leighann! I am so glad you are being mature about this! I can't believe Emily did that! She is being so immature!" I was confused. Amy explains that Emily has been telling everyone at the party what a bitch I am for taking her boyfriend, and she called him and gave him a play-by-play of my and Samantha's little scene. Uh-oh. That was two-for-three that weekend, and the next day I had to call the not-quite-boyfriend and explain myself. Rich was surprisenly okay with it, and I think that's what confused me the most. He said he wasn't sure if he was allowed to be upset, because we never really defined what we were. He was frustrated and upset, but he wasn't angry. I wanted him to be angry. I really wanted him to be angry. I wanted him to scream at me and yell--I cheated on him. I betrayed him. Would it have been any different if it was a guy? Rich said no, but I don't believe that. I think any attraction I had for Rich disappeared that evening. We decided that "We're friends, who make out...a lot." He told me he wasn't emotionally ready for sex with me yet, he wanted to get to know me better. Then we had sex anyway. I'm going to end it soon, though. And I feel kind of sad about that.

003. Three-For-Three

Women are far better at kissing than men. Men kiss fine enough, but women enjoy it. Women think, "What would I like?" and then do that. Men think, "Ooh, boobies, yay!" Of course, some people may argue otherwise, and they are more than welcome to, but the best kisses I have ever experienced have all been from women. I went to a party last Friday, drank far too much and had the time of my life. This was the first error in my three-for-three weekend. One of my roommates actually found out about the party through facebook, and after a good hour of "pre-gaming," we stumbled through Boston to the apartment where the party was. The night started out slow, and a few of our housemates left, complaining about the lack of men. I think at that point, I announced, "It's okay, there are plenty of women!" I met a girl named Amy and we danced for hours—she ended up inviting us to her place the next night for another party. She left, and I danced with other men and women until I found my friends again and we lounged outside on the porch. I thought aloud how much I liked Amy, and I think that's when I came out to my housemates. "Oh, by the way," I said, "I'm bi." One girl: "Oh, really? That's cool. How long have you known?" "Um, since seventh grade." Guy: "I never would have thought that." "The short hair didn't give it away?" Girl: "No, hehe!" We had stolen Tequila shots a little while later, and wandered home. It was a good night.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

002. First Love, First Kiss

In sixth grade, I fell in love with a boy named Chris. He was blond-haired, handsome and just a little chubby. But I liked him, and he liked me. After all, I was brown-haired, cute and just a little chubby. He was my first kiss. We dated for three weeks, and he gave me a bracelet with my name on it. I still have the bracelet, but I'm not sure where it is. I threw it out a window once because I was ashamed that I ever liked him. My mom found it in the garden the next day and quietly placed it back in my jewelry box. She never asked why it was in the garden, and I never told her. I moved in ninth grade, and Chris moved a little while later. I don't know where he is now, but I hope he is as happy as I imagine him to be. His lips were chapped when we kissed, but it was nice.

001. Wild Week

My name is Leigh, I am twenty years old and in the past week I have managed to fuck up two friendships, make three more and lose my virginity to a boy I don't love. What can I say? It's been a wild week.